How to find a rental car with the best price!

How to find a rental car with the best price!

September 11, 2019

Do you want to rent a cheap car? Then there are a lot of things that you need to take into account.  Whether you want to rent a car in Spain, Curacao or in Canada, there are a few tips that you can always use. Renting a car is arranged this way but the choice of different cars and involved is huge. Sometimes a certain rental car seems very cheap, but if you look a little better at the conditions, it cam become really expensive. Here are some tips how you can find a rental car with the best price. 

Choose your pick-up and delivery time smartly

When you want to rent a car, it is useful to know that you always rent a car every day. When searching, you can enter the time you want to pick up and return the car, but make sure you make slim use of the 24-hour rule. Imagine you pick up the rental car at 10:00 a.m. and deliver it at 11:00 a day. Then you will have to pay for 2 days. That extra hour will cost you a lot of extra money. In day case, it is slimmer to hand him in at the same time from keeping the car until the next day at 10:00. You will pay just as much, but the car will be 23 hours longer.

Book your rental car well on time

Another important rule when renting a car is that it is best to book as early as possible. Especially when you want to be nice and cheap. If you wait too long, the cheapest cars are often gone.

Consider in advance which car fits the trip

The cheapest rental car is not always the cheapest in consumption. For example, when you go driving through the mountains, you better choose a car that passes by instead of that very cheap little car. That's how much you will consume more gas in the mountains with that small city car.

Read the fine print very well when renting a car

When renting a car there are all sorts of conditions that can sometimes make a big difference. Consider for example the number of five kilometers that are included and how much you have to pay for extra kilometers. Because of this you also want to know about the insurance included in the price of that you have to pay extra for this. Other things to take into account are the deposit, the risk and what an extra driver would cost or an baby seat. 

Check the tank control

The tank arrangement is also an important point to consider when you want to rent a car as cheaply as possible. The most economical tank arrangement is "full-to-full". This simply means that you get the car with a full tank and return it with a full tank. Empty-to-empty is often less advantageous because it is difficult to estimate how much gas you need. Chances are that you will not return the car with an empty tank. Then you pay for gas that you have not used and that must not be the case. 

Use a comparison site to find the cheapest rental car

Perhaps the best tip of all is to use a comparison site. Often you cannot see the forest for the trees anymore and the costs of searching for a cheap rental car caused a lot of time. 

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